Let's Code Dimdwarf #1: Introducing the Project

I'm starting a new screencast series Let's Code, where I will be recording myself developing some open source projects. This was inspired by James Shore's Let's Play TDD series and I will try doing something similar. My goal is not to teach the basics of how to do TDD, but to show how one developer does it - in the hope that something can be learned from it. Each episode will be about 25 minutes long ("one pomodoro") and I will try to release a new episode every couple of days, but no promises about that.

Links to all episodes are at www.orfjackal.net/lets-code

I will announce all episodes of the Let's Code series in this blog, so please subscribe to this blog's Atom feed to get notified about new releases.

Here is the first episode of the series. Since I'm starting with an existing code base, it takes some time explain the architecture of the project, so this episode does not yet include coding, but watching it is recommended to understand the following episodes. Implementation will start in the second episode.

If you want to see some code quickly, then episode #5 may be a good place to start. There we start writing some isolated utility classes for asynchronous tests and it doesn't require knowledge of Dimdwarf's architecture (though in my opinion those episodes dealing with Dimdwarf's features are more interesting).

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