Let's Code Jumi #1: Project Setup (Part 1)

Jumi is my latest side project and it will be a test runner for the JVM. Its short-term goals are to run tests faster (via parallelism, class loader caching, heuristics and stuff), provide a better user experience than existing test runners, and to overcome limitations of JUnit's test runner which cause an impedance mismatch with for example most of Scala's testing frameworks. Jumi's long-term goal is to be supported by every build tool and IDE, and to surpass JUnit as the de facto test runner on the JVM.

I'll be documenting the development of this app as screencasts also for the purpose of being some research material (I know some researchers at the University of Helsinki who are interested in it). The resolution is higher (1920x1200 vs. 1440x1080) and font smaller (14 vs. 16) than in my previous videos, to make it more practical for me to do programming. Also I will try to optimize my release process so that I can release episodes faster with less effort. For example I will minimize post-production, and write a new name and description only for each theme instead of each episode.

Here is the first episode. Enjoy!

Project Setup (Part 1)

Creating a multi-module Maven project structure and using end-to-end tests to test-drive the build configuration, especially some unusual build requirements (i.e. putting a JAR in a JAR and hiding external dependencies).

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